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Cynthia Gilman

[5" X 2"]
One of a Kind Woodturning

Media: Jewelry + Beads, Sculpture, Other: Woodturnings

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Woodturning brings a little bit of everything together for me. It is not my business it is my pleasure. I became interested in the art by watching a friend woodturn in her studio several years ago. A couple of turns on the lathe later and I was hooked! Then of course life gets in the way, you have to work in the real world and one of your passions falls by the way side! So...that is what I like about Somerville Open Studios-it gets my fires burning again and brings me back to one of my passions.
I like to turn one of a kind pieces. Many times when I mount a piece on wood on the lathe I really don't have a plan as to what it will look like. It's just that creative side of me that doesn't worry. Sometimes I like to leave parts of the wood or plant material in it's original state, as to not destroy its natural beauty. I have even been known to occasionally turn a squash or two and use them for flower vases. In the past my work has been shown at: Blue Cloud Gallery, Brick Bottom Gallery, Somerville Open Studios. Fitchburg Art Museum, and the Sharon Arts Center Gallery in Peterborough, N.H.